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Unlock Your Door - Car -House - Safe - Trailer - Mailbox etc.

We unlock any door and make any key possible!

We can Make a key For anything!!

We are local and have locations in Vallejo - Napa - American Canyon - Fairfield - Vacaville and Benicia!

24 hour locksmith service available now!


Have Fun Trying to Reach a locksmith after hours lol

It aint easy finding your key, aint no point of negotiating prices that are set in stone by lock materials and keys, but were here to help and were affordable 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services

We ARE 24 HOURS!!!

There might be a crazy situation

  1. ex boyfriend
  2. Ex wife
  3. someone has keys
  4. you think the keys were stolen
  5. someone broke in and destroyed the locks
  6. who knows!

Either way were there!


Safe And Vault Services

Unlock the doors to your mind and appreciate a good locksmith. We offer all services of the locksmith trade. We can provide an excellent situation and get you back on the road or in your house with new keys. We specialize in any kind of key or lock. We would be glad to serve you. We can be there quick as a flash situation by providing an affordable solution.


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Daily Locksmith Life Style

This Video Depicts the rich daily environment and fast paced lifestyle of a locksmith and the  ''have heart'' mentality to get the job done fast and quality. So we can all go home feeling secure and integrity. The challenges that ariseand the momentum built up from on job and good vibes transfered to the next customer and locksmith.